Are you looking for Indian food in Auckland? With such a diverse range of Indian restaurants, Auckland city centre is the place to try with some of the best Indian restaurants Auckland has to offer. Colourful, flavoursome, aromatic with a good punch of spice, Indian cuisine is a tasty way to warm your soul as the temperatures starts to drop. And from romantic fine dining spots to places where the cocktails are just as good as the food, we've found all the best Indian restaurants to add to your list in the city centre. 


Best hidden gem & date night spot | Cassia at SkyCity, 90 Federal Street

Consistently listed in best restaurant lists, the ambience, food and service at this fan-favourite eatery are top notch. Owner and chef, Sid marries his creative culinary skills with the traditional dishes he has grown up with in India to craft out of this world contemporary dishes. 

1947 eatery

Best authentic food sharing experience | 1947 Eatery, 60 Federal Street

1947 is an authentic yet contemporary Indian eatery that started with three friends who each have a passion for Indian culture and cuisine. Enjoy a true international cuisine experience with a selection of snacks, small plates and dishes from the tandoor and pot. And don't forget to try something from their specialised cocktail bar - their concoctions are just as famous as the delicious food. 


Best traditional Indian food with flair | iVillage at Victoria | 210-218 Victoria Street West

Bringing you food that it quintessentially Indian and original and made with special homemade spices and masalas, iVillage is a great place to go when you're next craving an authentic Indian meal. Nestled in the Victoria Park Market block, the restaurant is adorned with rustic decor with plenty of authentic Indian artifacts for you to take in before the delicious food distracts you entirely!  


Best naan bread | Chawlas, 21A Wellesley St W

What’s a night out eating Indian food without some delicious naan to accompany it? Along with great curries, Chalwas serves the tastiest, fluffiest and perfectly cooked naan bread that will completely top your meal off. 

Bombay Chinese

Best Dal Makhani | Bombay Chinese, 368 Queen Street

Have you ever tried a Dal makhani? Bombay Chinese serves this creamy and buttery lentil curry prepared with mustard seed and curry leaves, served with rice or two parathas - delicious!

Last updated: 06 June 2023