Ahhh, Fried Chicken, everyone’s favourite. Perfect for any occasion, whether it be a solo outing or a group adventure, fried chicken is a definite crowd pleaser. We've rounded up some of Auckland city centre's best fried chicken dishes that will satisfy all your cravings.

Pocha | 50 Kitchener St

At Pocha, the options for Korean fried chicken are vast, from sweet and spicy chicken, garlic butter, or almond crunch and all designed for sharing, so grab some friends after work and get comfortable!

Twelve Restaurant | 1 Courthouse Ln 

Twelve's chicken is adventurous, flavourful, and always succulent. There is a fusion element that Twelve isn’t afraid of experimenting with, offering “Snowing Chicken” that comes with a sprinkling of cheese, Carbonara Chicken, and Hot Bburinkle Sunsal Chicken.

CHIMAC 치맥 | Shop 5/50 High St 

CHIMAC is known for their authentic Korean food and tap beer, definitely a winning combination. Their chicken menu is full of different options ranging from crispy chicken, boneless, spicy, or seasoned with garlic and soy.

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Twelve-fried-chicken (6).jpg

Gochu | 21 Queen St 

Gochu’s got it all. Set in Commercial Bay, Gochu celebrates Korean food using local ingredients and elevating classics to new heights. Chef Jason Kim brings the utmost care and thought into his menu, which is paired beautifully with a natural wine list.

Gochu-Fried-Chicken (5).jpg


NeNe Chicken | 246 Lorne Street 

A much-loved Korean Chicken franchise brand, NeNe Chicken is the perfect place to indulge in your fried chicken cravings! Their juicy, flavourful Korean-style fried chicken is coated in a mouth-watering selection of secret sauces. If you prefer your fried chicken in a burger or wrap, they do that too! 

Seoul Chicken | 17C Wakefield St 

Using a variety of herbs to marinate their chicken for 24 hours, Seoul Chicken's end result is a mouth-watering flavour experience. Pop in for lunch with some work mates and order a variety of chicken, we recommend the sticky spicy chicken, with some refreshing radishes on the side.  

Juke Joint BBQ | 21 Queen St or 90 Wellesley St W

Specialising in traditional American “low and slow” BBQ, Juke Joint BBQ offers Japanese style Karaage chicken, poutine style chicken tenderloins, and buttermilk soaked Southern style fried chicken served with ranch sauce. 

Seoul Chicken
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NeNe Chicken

OBar | 7 Bacons Ln, 15 Chancery St 

Known around the heart of the city as a favourite late night drinking spot, OBar is also famous for their Korean food, perfect to order alongside multiple bottles of Soju. OBar is consistently buzzing with people sitting outside and enjoying themselves. In terms of fried chicken, you can order large sharing plates filled with fried chicken, waffle fries, and cheese.

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Last updated: 25 January 2024