When it comes to festivals and events in Auckland I naturally tend to gravitate towards music gigs and concerts that feature musicians that I’m familiar with or that reflect my classical cultural roots. So attending the opening night of the Basement Theatre Salon (Week One), which is a part of this year's Auckland Fringe Festival, was a whole new experience for me and one I found to be quite interesting in relation to how I see myself as a creative person. 

So with an open mind I found myself at the Basement Theatre sitting in what felt like a 20 x 20 dark room with mood lighting and staging in the middle, surrounded by a little circular table and chairs pleasantly decorated with floral table centre pieces – think burlesque Moulin Rouge (minus the female dancers in skimpy lingerie). This space was the Basement Salon Theatre – a live space running from 6.00pm until 10.00pm that features 30 minute rotational shows that present a variety of artists, comedians and musicians who dance, move and interact with the audience. The performances make you feel like you are a part of the show and it is an amazing credit to the talent of these incredible artists and their use of negative space as a part of their art. 

I arrived in time to catch Ash Jones and Arlo Gibson’s adventure Skyloving, a live Skype show between two men that examines the ups and downs they face when engaged in a long distance relationship. The 30 minute sketch was filled with hilarious yet sad moments, almost making the audience question our own relationships in the process. It is this kind of atmosphere that makes the Basement Theatre such a great place to attend during the Auckland Fringe Festival as you’re able to go on a journey with the artists while they perform for you.

Head along to the Basement Theatre Salon and check out all the artist’s who are performing as a part of Week Two.   

The Auckland Fringe Festival runs from February 21st to March 12th and is situated around different venues throughout  Auckland's CBD and features everything including cabaret, comedy, dance and musical theatre. 

Last updated: 11 October 2018