Enjoy a walk along the Waterfront

The sun is shining, the ocean is looking bluer than ever, and the day is all yours. The waterfront is calling you to it, so take a walk along it and soak up the vitamin D and the salt air. If you don’t have a budget to do a costly activity in the city centre, then the waterfront is a great solution, as it’s an event in itself. 

Have a picnic at Albert Park

If you find yourself wandering around the heart of the city on a sunny day with some free time, then why not lay a blanket down in Albert Park and have a little picnic, or read that novel you’ve had in your bag for a while but haven’t made a start on yet. In Albert Park it can be easy to forget you are in the middle of the bustling city, as the park is lush, green, and calm. 

Join Auckland Free Walking Tours 

Even if you are an Auckland local and feel familiar with the city around you, making the most of the free walking tours will give you a new insight to the heart of the city. You may discover new streets and learn the unique history of where you are walking. Leaving daily from the Queen’s Wharf Village, the guided walk is between 2 and 2.5 hours, rain or shine. 

Get active at Victoria Park Skate Plaza 

If you are a novice skater or more experienced, bring your board down to the Victoria Park Skate Plaza and start skating! The large skate park is usually buzzing with energy, with people of all ages trying their hand at some challenging tricks. If skating isn’t your style, there’s also some basketball courts which are perfect for some solo shooting or hoops or a quick game with your friends. 

Find and read a book at Central City Library 

For a fun activity that doesn’t break the bank, a great option is the Central City Library. It’s cosy and warm, and of course filled with thousands of books, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and music. There’s also lots of free events which are run inside of the library, such as book clubs, concerts, and heritage exhibitions. Find a comfortable nook within the walls of the library and grab a few books which peak your interest and get stuck in. 

Get to know the city by bike

You don't have to rely on the gym to exercise and can save some money as well by getting out in the fresh air by cycling around many of the bike-friendly paths in the heart of the city. If you aren’t confident about directions, there is a generous amount of signage and signals to keep you on the right path. Check out where to go first with our article on the bike-friendly city centre

Join a pub quiz at Father Ted's

A little taste of Ireland in the heart of the city, Father Ted’s was the only New Zealand bar which was in the top 12 best Irish pubs outside of Ireland by Skycanner in 2016. The pub quiz at Father Ted’s is free and a fun way to spice up your otherwise dreary weeknight. Of course, you may be tempted to get some food and drinks as well, but if you’re lucky you may win a bar tab during the quiz!

Visit the Gow Langsford Gallery 

We’ve all heard of the Auckland Art Gallery, but did you know a mere 1-minute walk away is another Art Gallery? The Gow Langsford Gallery promotes the best contemporary art in Aotearoa and beyond. Over 30 years old, the gallery is focused on curated exhibitions, especially large-scale works and installations. The staff are highly knowledgeable and passionate, for casual art admirers and those who are working on expanding their art collection. 

Last updated: 08 October 2021