YGF Hotpot

Experience authentic Chinese flavours on Queen Street.

Opening hours
Currently closed
Monday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm
Tuesday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm
Wednesday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm
Thursday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm
Friday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am-8:30 pm

Welcome to YGF Hotpot, your new hotspot in the city centre!

What is Malatang 麻辣烫?

Malatang is a customizable Chinese hotpot experience where you create your own bowl of deliciousness. Start by selecting from a variety of fresh ingredients such as thinly sliced meats, leafy greens, mushrooms, and noodles. Next, choose your preferred level of spiciness and numbing sensation for the broth, which is the hallmark of Malatang. Finally, the chefs will cook your ingredients to perfection right before your eyes, ensuring each bite is packed with authentic flavors.

Originating from China, gather your friends and head to YGF Hotpot for a flavorful journey into the heart of Chinese cuisine!

$2 per hour to a max of $12 on weekends and a $12 flat rate for weekday evenings at The Civic car park. Find out more

Last updated: 11 July 2024

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