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Mexico Britomart is now closed. 

Mexico's love affair with Margaritas dates back to their inception.

The many ideas, experimentations and decisions which saw the opening of the very first Mexico in 2012 were all made with a few Margaritas in hand. Three years and six more Mexicos later, the team behind these popular eateries have gathered together all their various fruity variations to bring you the 10 famous flavours of Frida's Margaritas.

Crafted by Mexico's clever bar team, they have created a Margarita heaven which will guarantee all kinds of indecision anxiety on your next visit. It will be hard to go past another Blackberry & Coconut Margarita but trust us, the refreshing Melon & Mint or the intriguing Lychee & Chili Salt is worth staying for one more, or five....shaken or frozen with premium 100% Blue Agave Tequila. 


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Last updated: 17 January 2024

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