Nightlife on a whole new level

Located in the basement of the Southern Insurance Building on Shortland Street, the space is a much needed music-centric, entertainment focused bar.

Taking over the space formerly known as CODE, the team restored the original layout and upgraded and renovated every other aspect of the club to create the best possible new space for Auckland’s nightlife culture. 

Capitalising on the inherent strengths of the space to recreate some of the old magic, Impala has revitalised the iconic location, particularly in terms of creating the perfect venue for music, with no compromises made when it comes to sound quality.

Incomparable to any other local bar or club, Impala has the sound, look, and feel of a world class venue for people passionate about music and nightlife culture to experience in the city centre.


Contact details

7 Shortland Street
09 373 2495
Opening hours: 
Wed 10.00pm-4.00am
Fri 10.00pm-4.00am
Sat 10.00pm-4.00am