11-13 & 16-20 JUL, 2024

Friendship concerts take place all over TńĀmaki Makaurau! Choirs from around the world share their songs with the local community in some of our iconic cultural institutions, vibrant neighbourhood arts centres, inner city spaces, historic churches, botanic gardens, and even at a beachside art gallery.

As part of World Choir Games 2024, Friendship Concerts are taking place all over the city centre! Choirs from around the world will share their songs with the community in some of our iconic city centre spaces. 

The free information and hour-long concerts features three of four choirs singing a diverse range of musical styles in intimate and epic settings.

NZ Maritime Museum entry is free for Aucklanders, all WCG participants and their families.

Public entry fees for Skytower apply. Registered choirs (with ID) free of charge. 

City centre schedule: 

  • Maritime Museum, Thursday 11 July, 11am
  • Britomart, Thursday 11 July, 12pm
  • Britomart,¬†Friday 12 July, 12pm
  • Maritime Museum, Friday 12 July, 2pm
  • Commercial Bay, Saturday 13 July, 1pm
  • Maritime Museum, Saturday 13 July, 3pm
  • Britomart, Tuesday 16 July, 12pm
  • Britomart, Wednesday 17 July, 12pm
  • Commercial Bay, Wednesday 17 July, 1pm
  • SKYCITY, ¬†Wednesday 17 July, 4pm
  • Maritime Museum, Thursday 18 July, 11am
  • Britomart, Thursday 18 July, 12pm
  • SKYCITY, Thursday 18 July, 4pm
  • Maritime Museum, Friday 19 July, 2pm
  • Commercial Bay, Friday 19 July 4pm
  • The Civic, Friday 19 July, 4pm¬†
  • Commercial Bay, Saturday 20 July, 1pm¬†
  • Maritime Museum, Saturday 20 July, 3pm
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Last updated: 08 July 2024