Whakarākei 2024: Celebrating International Drag Day in Aotearoa

This event is a love letter to drag in Aotearoa. Come along and celebrate these local drag stars on International Drag Day 2024!

The name Whakarākei 2024 - refers to drag artists (kuīni/kīngi whakarākei), and to embellish, adorn, decorate, remix. Hosted by Hugo Grrrl and featuring: Arya High, Clitney Spears, Ducky, Fizzy Pop, Miss Geena, Miss Gendered, Margarita Blades, Misty Frequency, Prada Jae, Quinn Somnia, Tea Gurl, Miss Trinity Ice, Twinkubus, Toastie Sandwich.

Whakarākei 2024 is brought to you by drag fans Sketchy QueeNZ, Drag Pops, and Rochelle Ivanson with invaluable support from Margarita Blades. Thank you Margarita!

Park for $2 per hour, to a maximum of $10 on evenings and weekends at the Victoria St car park. Find out more.

Last updated: 10 July 2024