Walking - One Sense at a Time, #sound

Walking the city streets may seem like an everyday experience: putting one foot in front of the other, getting to places. But what changes when you try walking more attentively, making use of your senses?

“Walking – one sense at a time” asks precisely that question. In this series of creative city explorations, you will focus on one specific sense per walk: smell, sound, visual, tactile, taste. The soundwalk is the second walk of the series.

During this walk you will find and note down the sounds you encounter on the route.  You will also experiment with creating sounds yourself at various locations. After the walk you will map out the sonic experience, creating a unique sound map.

Sounds, consciously listened to or not, constitute the soundscape of the city. Being constantly immersed into a sonic environment – without necessarily hearing – is part of our everyday experience.

Becoming aware and understanding what the city sounds like may help us understand how it works – the symphony of tinkling street bicycle bells or a clatter of steel columns being piled on top of each other at a construction site unfold different stories behind them. Delving into city sounds may link to broader social issues – what does a liveable city sound like, what is the sound of healthy and thriving community, how does injustice sound. 

For one sound-walker the after-work clamors of the Queen Street may seem like a cacophony of unarranged sound pieces, while for another it may present itself as a jazzy combination of tunes. Sharing these personal reflections on the sounds heard is ultimately an opportunity to connect with the fellow walkers/listeners, learn something about each other and how it all relates to the streets we share.


You do not have to register, but an email to or a text to 0210 83 442 88 would help to make sure there are enough printouts for everyone.

Comfortable walking shoes & some water supplies (helpful to keep the senses alert!) would be a good idea. The walk starts at the Emily Place Reserve, under the monument.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019