LATE NIGHT ART 9 October, 12pm - 9pm
Seth Schanzer

A series of art projects created in O’Connell Street by students from the University of Auckland's School of Architecture, as part of Late Night Art in the City Centre. The project will activate a village of six sites on a closed O’Connell Street in the High Street District from 12pm until 9pm with creative and interactive structures for all ages.


Matt Liggins

House of 9,783 plastic bags / house for homeless 2

The 'House of 9,783 plastic bags / House for Homeless 2' is tiny house for a couple which makes creative use of unwanted plastic bags from family and friends. 

Paul Roper

The Temple of Involuntary Thought

The Temple exhibits transient architectural theatre in three acts:

I.             Arrival

II.            Assembly/Disassembly

III.           Departure

Gabi Maffey

Cremated By Artists

Auckland central city centre centrally located city apartment

ASKING PRICE : $1,800,000

Sharon Shin


This is a redesign of a standard bus shelter. The recipe: small pops of fun in Auckland City with a splash of rainbow and a spoonful of character. Bus shelters have the potential to host small yet powerful interpersonal interactions. This shelter can be used as a platform for these interactions, bringing joy amongst people in the city.

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Seth Schanzer

The first little pig was onto something

The relationship between people and natural materials has been severed through industrialisation. This project explores the atmospheric potential of straw as a material used in construction.  

Chelsie Johnston

How to Unwrap Your Cotton Wool Kid.

Did curiosity really kill the cat? invites children to participate in an interactive installation that creates challenging opportunities for children, encouraging behaviour associated with developing curiosity and risk seeking. 

Banner Image Credit (left to right): Seth Schanzer, Gabi Maffey, Paul Roper

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Last updated: 11 June 2019