$15 - $20 (plus fees)
14 MAR, 2024, 8PM

Brought to you by Eclipse Eventz, Transform is a trans/enby drag showcase that pushes the boundaries of self-expression and celebrates the beauty of transformation. 

This show transcend societal norms and explore the fluidity of gender identity.


  • Hugo Grrrl
  • Margarita Blades
  • Miss Gendered
  • Misty Frequency
  • Toastie Sandwhich
  • Tea Gurl
  • Twinkubus
  • Bacchus

with DJ Monogamy

Come dressed in your transcendent decadence for a night of fun!

Park for $2 per hour, to a maximum of $10 on evenings and weekends at the Victoria St car park. Find out more.

Last updated: 08 February 2024