Their Feet Did Not Touch The Ground is a live performance influenced by detained refugees imprisoned and all people seeking and deserving freedom. Created by Jazmine Rose Phillips.

Let's not talk about it 

Let's not talk about it

Thousands of steps and their feet did not touch the ground

me an acceptable visitor

Their feet did not touch the ground

A tiny box of sky, their feet did not touch the ground

The voice of imprisonment

A desire to live - their feet do not touch the ground

9 years

Now we are talking about freedom

108 months

You had a drag of your cigarette and said what about free speech

469 weeks

3285 days

Are you entertained?

Their feet did not touch the ground

A performance of numbers - time spent - the number of deaths in custody -Trying to connect over the phone- days spent free. 9 years, 108 months, 469 weeks, 3285 days. Time spent - time spent sleeping - A phone number - the number of deaths - A hotel room - A prison with rooms. My room. Your room.

How do you use your freedom?

Content warning: Emotionally distressing issues discussed / human rights violation. Semi Nudity

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Last updated: 17 May 2023