Early birds starting at $15
12 AUG 2023

Tauawhi Promotions presents: KRON (AUS) for his debut show in Aotearoa, New Zealand at Cassette Nine, Auckland.

Bringing you another incredibly talented Dubstep Producer/DJ out of Brisbane, prepare yourself for an unforgettable night of bass drops, pulsating rhythms, and mind-bending dubstep as Tauawhi Promotions proudly present KRON. Getting love consistently from the likes of Marauda, Infekt, Akirah, and Shiverz, he's another staple of the Aussie scene looking to tear Auckland a new one!

Tauawhi Promotions was created with the mission to show that the Dubstep and Bass music scene in Aotearoa is very much alive and thriving. Their goal is to showcase the diversity and talent within the scene, and to provide a platform for emerging and established artists from both Australia and New Zealand to reach new audiences. With passion, integrity, and a deep respect for the roots of this music, they hope to elevate the NZ Dubstep and Bass scene to new heights of recognition and appreciation.

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Last updated: 21 July 2023