As climate change and disaster events have more and more impact on the world’s populations, what can we do?

How can we face and respond to unknown, unpredictable risk? How can we deal with rapid change? And how can we live with irreversible changes in our atmospheric, meteorological and geologic conditions? 

This talk will break down the disaster and climate change threats we are facing, and explore how we can learn to live with risks and uncertainty. 

Dr Sandeeka Mannakkara will show us that resilience and adaptability are key. 
A set of cross-cutting principles to support our communities to be prepared, respond, build back better, and adapt in a holistic manner will be introduced. 


Dr Sandeeka Mannakkara is a Lecturer in Climate Engineering. Her research focuses on climate change adaptation, resilience, and post-disaster recovery and pre-disaster planning using the concept of Building Back Better. She takes a special interest in developing holistic, cross-sectoral solutions as well as the adoption of indigenous knowledge.

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Last updated: 24 March 2021