$18 - $22
7 - 11 August 2018
SIBS at Basement Theatre

Join real life siblings Liv Parker (Hope and Wire) and Chris Parker (Jono and Ben, Funny Girls, 7 Days) as they stretch their sibling bond to its very limit live onstage.

This is sibling rivalry at its most performative. They’ve promised Mum they’re going to play nicely, but it’s probably going to end in tears. Chris’s most likely.

We had a chat with the Parker siblings to find out what it's been like putting this show together and hearing about their favourite city centre gems ...

How long have you been working on this production and who came up with the idea?

C: I saw Liv graduate from Toi Whakaari last year, and not only was I proud of my sister I genuinely thought, what a cool chick whose work is funny, I would love to work with her

L: It almost feels like we’ve been working on this production our whole lives

What has it been like working together on this project and what are your hopes/dreams/vision for this project beyond the initial run at the Basement?

C: It feels very natural, Liv knows me better than anyone so we have a very honest and robust working relationship.

L: We don’t have to tip toe around each other. And it’s really fun, we have a the same sense of humour.

C: It would be really fun to take it back to Christchurch, where it all began.

What are favourite things about performing at the Basement?

L: The community there seems very cool, I can’t wait.

C: It's like home for me, I’ve spent so many hours on that stage. It’s my favorite place to be in Auckland.

Where are your favourite places to go pre or post performance in the heart of the city?

C: I love The Fed obviously and I also really love playing games so I am always forcing people to the Metro Centre to play at Game On.

L: I just moved to the city, so not sure yet.

C: I’m going to show Livs the best spots, tip no.1 Remedy (on Wellesley Street) is great for coffee.

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