Director Harding’s debut feature stuns, pitting the raw power of the ocean against the spirited individuals determined to navigate it.

Grant Rawlinson, a sporty and active individual side-lined through injury, was not satisfied with the life that had been served to him. So, he started exploring other sports, including canoeing.

Gaining confidence, he asked himself whether he could canoe from Singapore to Australia, cycle across Australia, and then canoe again from Australia to New Zealand. It is clearly the thrill of a challenge that motivates Grant.

After telling his family of his plans and taking on board their understandable concerns, he begins his gruelling expedition.

We witness Grant’s immense toughness during this difficult voyage, but also the toll exacted on his body and mind as he contends with the tumultuous and unpredictable Tasman Sea.

This is a deeply humanistic must-see film that is sure to spark huge debates across the world.


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Last updated: 29 April 2021