Rukahu at Basement Theatre

Opening at Basement Theatre on Tuesday 4th July comes Rukahu, featuring comedian James Nokise's insane comic creation Jon Bon Fasi.

Rukahu won Best Theatre Solo and the Makes You Think awards at the 2015 NZ Fringe Festival, where it was performed in a found space on Cuba Street.

Its Basement season will mark the show’s second performance in a traditional theatre space, and Nokise is promising to up the chaos as much as possible.

Rukahu is a show about Jon Bon Fasi, a senior pacific island performer, who has conned Creative New Zealand into giving him a grant of $75,000 for his new project, "Rukahu: In Search of the Pacific".

As the audience arrives on opening night, it becomes clear expenses have definitely been spared on the production. But where did the cash go? And how will a performer of such esteem justify this on his opening night?

Comedic, confusing, and ultimately confronting, Rukahu blurs the lines between performer and character. Jon Bon Fasi is on the edge of ridiculous and tragic, and confronts cultural expectations.

Created with Theatre Maverick Jo Randerson of Barbarian Productions the show is designed to surprise, delight and challenge.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019