A Puzzle Room Game, over two rooms for ALL AGES

Queen Elizabutch is Abdicating her throne, because Gurl, she had enough! An independent women with a mission to bring peace, love and harmoaning to all the land. 

Only 2 queens stand before her to be crowned Mother Queen of all the land. The Sickening Princess Snow Wayout & the Lip Syncing Assassin Princess Aladdin Address. To take the crown the queens must Lip Sync ……. For their Lives.

It’s all rehearsals, routines, OUT-fitting and scrutinizing with the coaches that will get them drop dead Stunting Henny. 

Then on the morning of the Coronation…. Prince Char Ming discovers Princess Snow Wayout has been Poisoned *GASP* (Insert Death Drop)

It's up to you Detective/s to figure out what had happened? And save Snow Wayout so she still has a fighting chance!

As an individual or a team of up to 6, you must discover: 
Who is the perpetrator?
How Snow Wayout was poisoned?
What was the motive?
The saviour cure!

Have what it takes? Good, cause you got 30 Minutes over two rooms to figure out from the hidden clues!

Your Suspects are: 
1. Princess Snow Wayout 
2. Trixie Mantlepiece 
3. Queen Elizabutch 
4. Adore Abelle
5. Freddy Mammary
6. Princess Aladdin Address
7. Mother Ru Endmee 
8. Prince Char Ming
9. Sir B’four Theop 

P.s. Two of our Characters will be on site daily to help you out and take sickening selfie with! // bookings essential!

The game will be open to play across four whole days (1,2,3,4 February) with nine different time slots to choose from. 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm. 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm. 

Register to play here

Park for $2 per hour, to a maximum of $10 on evenings and weekends at the Victoria St car park. Find out more.

Last updated: 14 January 2020