An evening with ‘the Orangutan Whisperer’ will change your perspective on orangutans, our humanity, and what we can learn from our tree-dwelling cousins. After Leif’s talk, we’ll have an extended Q&A, so you can ask all the questions you’ve been longing to ask about orangutans, their survival, their forests, and how you can help save this most noble of species. 

Event highlights:

  • Gain Fresh Perspectives:  Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and profound insights shared by Leif Cocks, who has dedicated over thirty years to working closely with orangutans.
  • Reshape Your Understanding: Discover the remarkable connections between orangutans and our shared humanity, offering a new lens through which to view our own existence.
  • Extended Q&A Session: Engage in an exclusive opportunity to ask burning questions about orangutan intelligence, the preservation of their forests, and how you can make a meaningful impact.

About your host:

Leif Cocks is a primatologist with 30+ years experience working with orangutans and has a Masters of science studying orangutans. He led the project to re-introduce the first zoo-born orangutan into the wild, and in 1998 founded The Orangutan Project to secure the survival of Critically Endangered orangutans in their natural habitat.

The Orangutan Project has since contributed millions of dollars into orangutan conservation and has established a distinctive, holistic approach encompassing legally protecting rainforests; securing, restoring and patrolling rainforests; rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing ex-captive orangutans; and educating and empowering local communities and indigenous people.

Leif is the author of several books and academic papers on the subject of orangutan conservation, and his most recent Finding Our Humanity, also explores the fundamental links between our tribal past and our likely future on the planet (Books available on the night).

Last year Cocks was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia, one of the country’s highest honours, for his work protecting Critically Endangered orangutans.

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Last updated: 10 August 2023