Join Norma Taps at 6:30 PM for a quiz night hosted by the ACC (Alternative Commentary Collective) that’ll have you pondering life’s mysteries harder than a cat trying to understand quantum physics.
Win prizes that’ll leave you feeling as relieved as a politician dodging a scandal... and with a $100 bar tab, because nothing distracts from controversy quite like a good drink!

Sink your teeth into their special deals: $15 Margarita pizzettas, $35 Sawmill jugs, $40 wine carafes, and $10 Honest Spirits. Sponsored by Sawmill & Honest Spirits, because even they need a break from serious business sometimes. Book your table now!

$8 evening parking and $10 weekend parking at City Works Depot car park (Tournament Parking). Find out more.

Last updated: 25 March 2024