Basement Theatre regular and regularly funny guy Nicko Vella (Live Reel) brings his solo show to the stage this year and, plot twist, he's lifting his leg and pissing lols all over the place.

Part sketch comedy, part clown, all evidence of a man who had a breakdown in lockdown, Dog. celebrates Man's Best friends for all the silly jobs we make them do for us and the joyful unpredictability and chaos they bring to our lives. Think 'Tux Wonder Dogs' but wrong.

As seen on:

  • Secret Agent Men
  • Milky Bar kid
  • Xena's son

Also at NZ International Comedy Festival 2024

$2 per hour to a max of $12 on weekends and a $12 flat rate for weekday evenings at The Civic car park. Find out more

Last updated: 10 March 2024