Join Perfume Playground for a delightful journey of scent exploration and creativity, perfect for celebrating the special women in your life!

Discover over 100 naturally derived top and middle notes, the highest quality essential oils, resins, isolates and compounded natural isolates in the world. Perfume Playground says no to parabens, glycols, petrochemicals or synthetics.

Learn about perfume composition and apply a best-practice blending technique for your playful experiments; you will have complete creative freedom. Tap into your inner child and connect with like-minded people over Scent Soul and Science. The team will guide you in the bottling of your fragrance. Forget about the outside world as you concentrate on your provided perfumery equipment and how to scale your design.

What is included:

  • Creative guidance from Astrid Crosland
  • Access to a scent & essence lab of over 100 natural essences – native botanicals too
  • All the tools & materials you need to create your very own unique perfume
  • A 10mL Eau de Toilette spray

Who is your host?

Astrid has always had a strong interest in the wonders of the natural world and was encouraged by numerous brilliant women to develop this throughout her upbringing in Aotearoa and the Shetland Isles, in northernmost Scotland. Astrid is studying toward a PhD at Auckland University of Technology, examining the relationship between popular culture and modern practices of Magic. Scent is a profound part of her own glamour rituals and she looks forward to empowering others with their own personalised perfumes. Her favourite part of scent design is how individual biochemistry transforms ingredients into something truly unique.

Craft memories and fragrances with your special Mother that will last a lifetime!

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Last updated: 03 April 2024