Ghost Donkey celebrates #mezcalweek joining an international community of Mezcal lovers from September 8 to September 15, 2021! Join them in championing this beautiful spirit and making Mezcal the centre of our universe.


The mezcal category has experienced rapid growth internationally as consumer awareness climbs. With
only a handful of brands available in New Zealand as little as 2-3 years ago, Ghost Donkey is proud to
offer 35+ Mezcals and Tequilas, spanning each category and style.

Ghost Donkey’s Manager & mixologist Jonny Park says “We are hugely passionate about Agave spirits at
Ghost Donkey and love sharing our knowledge with customers. There is so much variety in the Mezcal
category, it’s easy to take people on a journey and change perceptions - it is a spirit to be sipped and
savoured like fine whiskey. We’re excited for the opportunity #mezcalweek provides to connect with an
international community of mezcaleros, suppliers and other aficionados.”

While unable to host the series of Mezcal inspired events in person as originally planned, Ghost Donkey
presents a week of programming aimed at learning more and more about Mezcal and how they’ve come
to love it. From interesting factoids, online quizzes and recipes, Ghost Donkey becomes the mecca for
Mezcal, online and at home.

A highlight is sure to be the live cocktail making classes. With such an array of flavour profiles Mezcal is
also a super versatile cocktail base. Up your bar game with some tips & tricks from Jonny, we know we’ll
be looking to master the Breakfast Martini.

Join the mezcal movement - Follow @ghostdonkeyakl on Instagram and embark on this journey. A
welcome break and distraction from the day-to-day of lockdown life.

Programme of events:

Wednesday, 8th - How Mezcal is made with Alipus
Thursday, 9th - Celebrating where Mezcal is made
Friday, 10th - Mezcal and Sustainability
Saturday, 11th - #meetourpeople
Sunday, 12th - Let's make cocktails with Jonny! (LIVE)
Monday, 13th - Chef Abhi pairs Mezcal with some tasty dishes
Tuesday, 14th - Mezcal moments with fellow agave lover & owner of La Fuente, Edmundo
Wednesday, 15th - Honouring El Grito, Mexico's Independence Day

La Fuente Shoppe & Bar
Mineral Wines + Spirits

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Last updated: 07 September 2021