Marina is a Russian born singer-songwriter living in New Zealand. She developed a love for traditional Russian music alongside of Western pop music and credits Celine Dion and Fleetwood Mac as her early influence.

Since then Marina has written over 70 songs, formed a band and started performing in New Zealand.
She sings in two languages –English and Russian– and her diverse albums reflect that.
Described as ‘World Melodic Pop’, her music is a broad mix of pop, country and soft rock but also incorporates elements of world music. Her latest album topped the NZ albums top 20 charts in January this year, which she supported with the tour of New Zealand before the lockdown. 
In her new exciting visual show "Open your soul" Marina Bloom will unveil the new songs and will perform a few crowd’s favorites from her previous albums. Marina's powerful voice will be accompanied by piano, guitar, and violin which are bound to lift your spirit.
The evening will start with two guest performers sharing their music with you.

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Last updated: 26 July 2020