For the Love of Bee's (FTLOB) long running Pasture Painting has recently been redesigned by emerging artist Brunelle Dias, who will lead this project for a year. FTLOB uses Pasture Paintings as a no-dig, geometric planting system that quickly contributes to the millions of flowers each honeybee colony needs each year to survive. Pasture Paintings develop living soil biology to sequester carbon, demonstrating what a city safe for bees and people can look like.

Brunelle’s concept utilises a Venn diagram representing difference, connection and interdependence, a symbol for life beyond an ecological reading. From process to aesthetic this painting embodies collaboration and is as much about diversifying foliage and foraging habitat in the park, as including the facilitatory role humans can play in regeneration. ‘Everything is inextricably linked to each other, regardless of our differences. It's like a love letter to the earth, including the plants, the pollinators, humans and everything existing within the environment.’ 

Supported by Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate. 

FREE EVENT: 'Pasture Painting Celebration' Victoria Park, Fanshawe St (opposite Daldy St) 

Listen, socially distanced in your own time via QR code to three short artist and beekeeper conversations at FTLOB's long running pasture painting project. They were recently redesigned by Brunelle Dias on World Bee Day to walk into and experience when plants are high and in bloom. Artist and FTLOB vision holder Sarah Smuts-Kennedy’s talk is on collective action, participation and partnership building on frameworks from social sculpture and earthworks and a view of ecosystem wellbeing through the lens of a bee. Emerging artist Brunelle speaks about her experience of making and maintaining a pasture painting in a public space and moving from an indoor studio practice to an outdoor immersive experience. Beekeeper Noe Waters shares with us her favourite bee discovery facts that bring us closer to the amazing, organised and collective world of bees.

Part of Artweek in the city centre.

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Last updated: 02 November 2021