24-31 MAR 2023

This new Korean Culture Festival will see the High Street District come alive with K-Pop artists, food stalls, markets, exhibitions and more. 

'Korean Culture in Auckland’ (KCAKL) is a branch out from the previous successes of ‘Kfestival’, bringing Korean culture to the heart of Auckland as a part of ‘World of Cultures 2023’. With the theme ‘Dream Together’, KCAKL aims to bring communities together through the love of everything Korean - music, beauty, technology, travel, food and more.

24 March

Food Stalls | 12pm-9pm | O'Connell Street 

O’Connell Street will turn into a multi-cultural celebration of food where you can buy and enjoy delicious, authentic food. 

K-Street Market | 5pm-9pm | High Street 

Explore a line-up of Pan-Asian retail stalls coming to High Street. 

K-Pop Concert | 5pm-9pm | Freyberg Square 

Freyberg Square will transform into an outdoor concert space with K-Pop artists and DJs coming from Korea including; DJ Junsngwon, DJ Daul, Peak Boy, Paul Kim; Ineffa Lucas; KDA, Verse 3, Sooji Choi x Choi's Dance Studio, Variety E-Seo, Check Mate, Moon Young Jang, Art3mis, Prins. More to be announced soon!


Korean festival

25 - 31 March

Korean Exhibition | 10-5pm | Ellen Melville Centre 

Kimchi Gallery | First Floor Ellen Melville Centre - Find information on Kimchi, the history and making of Korea’s national dish.

Chef Show | First Floor Ellen Melville Centre - Local professional Korean chefs showcase their signature dish infused with Kimchi flavours. Don’t miss Chef Min Baek (26th), Jason Kim (27th), Johnny Shin (28th) and Yutak Son (29th) from 2PM - 4PM.

Cities of Korea | Second Floor Ellen Melville Centre - Be immersed in Korea, through aesthetics and culture of the beautiful country shown on screens and informative handouts.

Traditional Brewing Heritage of Korea | Second Floor Ellen Melville Centre - Explore and learn traditional methods of brewing authentic Korean spirits and how drinking etiquette and culture have evolved over time. 

Beauty of Korea | Second Floor Ellen Melville Centre - Explore the beauty industry of Korea through fashion, make up and more.

Korean festival

Auckland Council, supported by the City Centre Targeted Rate, along with Heart of the City are helping bring ‘Korean Culture in Auckland’ (KCAKL) to Freyberg Square and surrounding streets.

Park for $2 per hour, to a maximum of $10 on evenings and weekends at the Victoria St car park. Find out more.

Last updated: 20 February 2023