John Walsh at Gow Langsford

In John Walsh’s recent body of works, we are transported to a realm in which spirits and humans co-exist.  Time and space overlap as contemporary beings mix with ethereal suggestions of what might lay beyond. 

With mixed Aitanga a Hauiti and New Zealand Irish Heritage, Walsh’s ancestors voyaged across oceans on their immense journey to Aotearoa. The navigation of the Pacific was a profound feat, through which Walsh finds inspiration for how we might navigate the future. 

Drawing upon Maori mythology and early navigation, Walsh’s landscapes are alluring.  They are fluid and suggestive, not focusing on specific sites, instead capturing a sense of place and the crossing of times which are open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Image Credit (Left to Right)
Do You Have Salt, 2017, oil on board
Whare Waka, 2017, oil on unstreched canvas
These are Good for You, 2017, oil on card


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Last updated: 11 June 2019