Calling all martini lovers – this week marks the annual celebration of a favourite tipple, with International Martini Day 2021 falling on Saturday 19 June. And, to help Aucklanders get into the spirit, Viaduct Harbour is turning it on with a one-day only martini celebration at some of the city’s best waterfront bars and restaurants with a host of specials that showcase the everlasting classic.

Along with ten other Viaduct Harbour locations, Aucklanders can taste arguably some of the best martinis on offer at Parasol & Swing for International Martini Day. Bar Manager Gina Nicholls just won the Lewisham Award for Best Bartender, and she's part of an award-winning team known for creating delicious, bespoke cocktails.

“A martini is traditionally a mix of gin and vermouth, perhaps with a dash or two of bitters, and garnished with an olive or a twist of lime. We’ve seen some creative spins on martinis in recent years that have made this one of the most popular cocktails on offer. The espresso martini has become the most-preferred version for Aucklanders, with the pornstar martini rising in popularity which combines vanilla, passionfruit and citrus served with a shot of Prosecco or Champagne, making it a little more flavoursome and complimentary to food.” says Jason Rosen, co-owner of Parasol & Swing.

Parasol & Swing will be joining other Viaduct Harbour venues serving up an impressive martini menu. Here’s a roundup of what’s on offer this Saturday at Viaduct Harbour.

International Martini Day 2021
* Special pricing applies Saturday 19th June 2021 only

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Last updated: 16 June 2021