In the small, coastal town of Thames, 15-year-olds Helena and Lillian battle to make climate deniers and their mayor admit that rising sea levels will sink their streets.

Near the Country’s capital, School Strike For Climate’s national coordinator Sophie (18) has to pull together different players in the face of dwindling media interest, at the same time as running for council.

In big city Auckland, young Māori leader Luke (17) is increasingly pushing for nonviolent direct action, willing to be arrested if it will make headlines.

When South Auckland’s 16-year-old prize-winning NZ-Samoan performance poet Aigagaleifili forms a breakaway group (4 Tha Kulture), everything must change. The devastation of climate change on Pacific nations must be acknowledged, including within the student movement.

Apologies follow. But is there a difference between fronting up… and fronting? How can they work together? What, together, can they achieve? More importantly, who can tell the story and advocate changes?


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Last updated: 29 April 2021