$16 - $25 (booking fees may apply)
Here & Now Festival

A four-day takeover of the ASB Waterfront Theatre by the youngest talents in town. Featuring three exciting new shows created especially for the Festival as well as new works in development, a big schmooze fest, workshops, music and more!

Directed by Benjamin Henson & Ana Scotney, devised by the cast

It’s the theme of songs, books, films, tv shows, works of art - but in a woke world how good are we at talking about love? What is it? Where do we find it? Does love mean romance? And do we really need it? With defiant honesty, 10 young Aucklanders invite you in for a chat about love, sex, and relationships by opening their hearts and encouraging all of us to try a little tenderness.

Directed by Leo Gene Peters, devised by the cast

A group of ordinary friends are thrust into a strange mystery that takes them into seedy clubs, the supernatural underground, a secluded DOC cabin and to the most sinister place of all... Sylvia Park. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the films of David Lynch and the urban landscape of Auckland, Alice is a funny, anarchic, thrilling, and imaginative celebration of how ridiculous and beautiful our lives can be.

You First
Written by Billie Staples, directed by Lynne Cardy

In the near distant future, a cataclysmic storm has levelled Aotearoa, forcing millions on the move, and toppling society. Teenagers are rounded up and forced to live underground under a ruthless regime where they must complete dangerous dares or disappear. But who is running this new world order and is there any hope left on the outside?

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Last updated: 11 June 2019