Step into another time and place at this spellbinding art event. Brought to you by Auckland-based artist Heather Straka and SCAPE Public Art, this exhibition of Straka’s latest photographic series, Age of Discovery, is an art experience like no other. 

Taking over Sudima Auckland City, this immersive exhibition combines Heather Straka’s sublime theatrical touch and flair for drama with the sumptuousness of a luxury hotel stay, adding a layer of the surreal that encourages audiences to take a second look. 

Whether guest or visitor, voyeur or participant, audiences will be drawn irresistibly into a world of glamour and intrigue. Featuring an exclusive display of Heather Straka’s Age of Discovery photography series, Sudima Auckland City will become a little more decadent and a little more mysterious, inhabited by a diverse cast of enigmatic characters. Who are these stylish strangers? Why are they here? Are they able to leave?

Straka’s images give the striking impression of a richly costumed play or a series of elaborate, eerie film stills. Age of Discovery celebrates identity and ambiguity, while exploring themes of social concern and political subtext. Each character has a detailed backstory to guess at, but their secrets remain just out of reach.

Image credits:
Heather Straka, Semisi Bro, 2021. Image courtesy of the Artist and SCAPE Public Art.
Heather Straka, Double Brown, 2022. Image courtesy of the Artist and SCAPE Public Art.
Heather Straka, Boy in Trouble, 2021. Image courtesy of the artist and SCAPE Public Art.

Heather Straka - Semisi Bro 2021
Heather Straka - Double Brown
Heather Straka - Boy in Trouble.JPG

You're invited to the exclusive launch party!

Tuesday, November 15 | Sunset Rooftop Bar 

On Tuesday 15 November, SCAPE Public Art invites you to the exclusive launch party for Heather Straka’s Age of Discovery exhibition, an art experience like no other.

Celebrate the opening of this spellbinding art event against the backdrop of Auckland’s city skyline at Sunset Rooftop Bar. This will be the first opportunity to experience the exhibition before it opens to the public, and see and purchase works from Heather Straka’s new Age of Discovery series. Along with entertainment from DJs and intriguing surprises to discover throughout the hotel, glamorous characters from the world within the photographs will be among the guests, making this a truly one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss.

A limited number of tickets are available now at special early bird price of $75. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind art experience – book your tickets now!

 “I have always been drawn to those encounters one has in the communal areas of a hotel, on a point between departure and destination,” says Straka. “As an artist these are the inspiration for much of my work. In these spaces we are brought together, out of our usual places to this transient one, where we cohabit if only for a fleeting moment. A hotel is a place of endless stories: the corridors and the rooms they connect to, all with their own intimate histories.”

Heather Straka - profile block.jpg
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Last updated: 20 October 2022