The Rose sisters journey home for a weekend of birthday celebrations beside their awa. Ny, Rua and Rika find themselves caught in a whirlwind of realisations, as incomplete truths become whole, and the ties that bind their whānau together are tested. A weekend of pitching tents riverside, sharing snacks, hilarious dancing and reminiscing becomes embroiled with lies, loss, and old and new love as the sisters face the inescapable truths of the past and work out what is most important to them.

Half of the Sky’ marks the third work written for Massive Theatre Company by internationally renowned writer and actor Lennie James, and was developed in collaboration with members of the Massive ensemble.

Half of the Sky weaves together themes of love, loss and the importance of familial connections, juxtaposing poignant moments of humour and joy with moving themes of compassion to examine what makes us human.  The relatable and resonant story explores both love and tension in a perfectly balanced drama, allowing the talented cast to shine in roles that are gritty and complex.

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Last updated: 15 August 2023