Don't miss an exciting line-up of talented DJs performing live in Aotea Square this NZ Fashion Week and Fashion Weekend. Check out the line up below as well as set times - we'll see you there! 

Fashion Week

DJ Phoebe Falconer | Monday 5pm-7pm, Tuesday 9am-10am, Wednesday 2.30pm - 5pm, Thursday 9am - 10am, Friday 9am -11am
Music style: Disco/electro

The first place Phoebe played was the hardest club to get into in LA at the time, where she was then poached from there by Justin Timberlake for his bar. ''DJing in LA was really fun but I'm loving being back in Auckland and being part of a scene with so many talented people doing amazing things.''

DJ Vicki La-Vee | Monday 1pm –3pm, Tuesday 4pm–7pm
Music style: House, Nu Disco, Synth-Pop and Big Beat

Vicki-La-Vee has been mixing songs and using them to tell stories as a dance performer for many years. During last year’s lockdown, she created a series of dance tracks for kids stuck indoors to let loose to. You can’t miss her on the dance floor and she brings that energy and love for great tunes to her sets. 

DJ Juice | Tuesday 10am – 12pm and 4pm–  7pm
Music style: An eclectic mix of genres from Hip hop and Soul, House and Nu Disco and Latin/Afro House.

Justin aka DJ Juice is known for his summer DJ sets in and around the many bars and vineyards of Waiheke Island. He can also be heard weekly on the Metrognome show on Waiheke.

DJ Bobby Brazuka | Tuesday 12pm – 2pm
Music style: Latin music, funk, soul, down tempo and hip hop

Now known as New Zealand's unofficial ''Brazilian Ambassador of Music and Culture'', Bobby is an integral part of Auckland's music scene. 

DJ Bing | Wednesday 7pm – 9pm
Music style: Dance music 

DJ Bing started with reggae then moved to dance music in the mid to late 80s. In the last decade they have attended Burning Man events all over the world amongst many other festivals. 

Yarnfunk | Thursday 8pm
Music style: House 

Yarnfunk is known for getting people on the dancefloor with his bubbling housey sound and his positive upbeat charm. 

DJ Miss B | Thursday 6pm – 8pm

MissB began DJing and producing music in London in the early 00s, but it was meeting Grandmaster Flash at her first Splore in 2014 that encouraged her to devote more time to music. MissBs sets are fun and up for it - expect the odd familiar riff, and more than a few dark twists.

DJ Slimboy |  Monday 7pm - 9pm, Thursday 2pm - 4pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 3pm - 7pm; Townhall set in Supper Room
Music style: Deep disco funk house

Slimboy a multi-genre beats enthusiast hailing from Brighton UK. He serves up carefully selected beats that echoes of times past collaged expertly to be delivered fresh and tasty. 

Miss Mixtape | Wednesday 12pm - 2pm
Music style: Dirty disco and rock fusion

Born from the mosh pits of a legacy of rock concerts, Miss Mixtape spins a fusion of dirty disco and rock classics, just like your favourite mixtape from days gone by with more sparkle than a mirror ball!

DJ DANSING | Wednesday 5pm - 7pm
Music style: Cross genre classics

With multiple residencies over 25 years in Auckland, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Dj San Sing is the creator of the crow bar sound and current Longroom and Sardine resident. 

Sweetpants | Thursday 12pm - 2pm
Music style: House / Disco / Soul / Funk / Boogie

Two decades of radio broadcasting, dance-floor filling and general vibe setting have made Murry Sweetpants a household name around the musical traps of Auckland. Playing a wide spectrum of genres and always with an infectious grin, there are few festivals or parties he hasn't played at. 

Wattsson | Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
Music style: Deep House and Melodic Techno

Lydia Berryman's early years were spent travelling and training in the classics. Then one day, the electronic capitals of the world came calling, and sure enough, a spark was born. Deep melodic techno and chugging synthony house, Wattsson’s is a sound has earned her a spot on party line ups across the country. 

CHIKAA | Tuesday 7pm - 9pm, Friday 2pm - 4pm
Music style:
Ethnic downtempo, organic house, tribal 

Bringing the vibe of celebration from many cultures to the dance floor, CHIKAA has been weaving a sound tapestry of global dimensions, bringing her unique world, ethnic, folktronic offering to festivals both in NZ and abroad since 2011. 

DJ Gabriella Gonzalez | Thursday 10am - 12pm
Music style: House and techno 

Buenos Aries born but living in Aotearoa since 2005, Gabriella Gonzalez has supported international artists like Pan-Pot, Anthony Pappa and Claptone. She is a regular at Auckland's dedicated electronic clubs and bars like AV Club, Cassette Nine, Roxy, Everybody's and other well known venues. 

Patsy Skeet | Thursday 3pm - 5pm
Music style:
 Groovy, retro, playful, uplifting, sparkly

Patsy, originally from the UK, is an emerging DJ in the underground techno and house scene in Auckland. Patsy, visual artist, wears costumes influenced by the music selection in her set, which has made her a favourite amongst the trendy bohemian crowds. 

Ike from Spektrum | Thursday 4pm - 6pm
Music style: International seasoned specialist 

Isaac Tucker started producing drum n bass in the mid 90s, by which time he was spreading recording for Che Fu, Big Runga, New Loungehead, Cuba and Gizmo. He moved to London and started working with (electronic punk/funk supergroup) Spektrum and became an underground dance music sensation. 

Fashion Weekend 

DJ Wendy Douglas | Friday 11am - 1pm
Music style: Eclectic, multi-genre bassy goodness

Wendy has been DJing since the late 90’s in London with a residency at the legendary 333 in Old Street. Her set is eclectic with a focus on bass heavy beats. Expect an appearance on the dancefloor at some stage of the night. Good times guaranteed!

Aksaha | Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 10.30am
Music style: Progressive, harmorythmic, driving, nostalgic, resonant

A Punjabi born and raised in Malaysia, Akasha Sandhu began listening to electronic music at the age of 12 and soon discovered the psychedelic scene after moving to New Zealand. Akasha has played at countless gigs in New Zealand and has headlined gigs overseas including Lunar Dreaming Festival 2017 and Bubble Festival 2018.

Mia Paris | Saturday 11.30am - 1pm
Music style: World music that feeds the soul

With music in her blood from a young age, Mai learned to play vinyl records at her parents nightclubs on the islands of Greece and later moved to France and studied music composition and film. Mia then started producing electronic music which led to performing full time around Europe. Mia now DJs and composes music full time.

DJ Dimpri | Friday 4pm - 6pm, Saturday 2pm - 3.30pm
Music style: Multi-Genre Electric

Hailing from the UK, DIMPRI (aka Dimple & Priya) are the sister DJ & production duo that are as unique as they come. With a selection unrestricted to one genre, they have grown into seasoned experts with a knack for delivering powerful, diverse & thrilling performances.

Sin Howard | Saturday,  4.30pm - 5.30pm
Music style: Groovy house and disco

Co-host of George FM Drive on New Zealand’s dance & electronic radio station, Sin is totally plugged into the New Zealand dance music scene and has appeared on NZ’s biggest festival line-ups and played support for international acts such as Fatboy Slim, Netsky, Solardo, Illyus & Barrientos, Sam Divine, Cut Snake, Eli Brown, and Rebuke. 

Jack Panther | Saturday, 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Music style: Melancholy with pop 

Jack Panther is a 22-year-old queer artist, who uses his craft to blend tones of melancholy with pop. His latest single Feels Right packs a punch with heavy 808’s and Panther’s distinctive vocal dancing above eccentric synths.

DUAL | Saturday, 7pm – 7.45pm
Music style: 'Indietronica'

DUAL brings together the raw, glacial power of lead vocalist Maurice Miller with guitarist Jamie Pyne’s dramatic guitar lines and electronic production for a heady mix of indietronica. 

Rayner | Saturday, 8.00pm – 9.30pm
Music style: De
ep house, UK garage, Nu Disco and Tech house 

Rachel Dreyer is an electronic music artist who has an eclectic style and the ability to take a crowd on a musical journey. Rachel loves fresh tunes, and touch bass-lines, but is not shy to drop something downright trashy when the mood is right. Music is for enjoying!

$2 per hour to a max of $12 on weekends and a $12 flat rate for weekday evenings at The Civic car park. Find out more

Last updated: 29 July 2021