Dynamo: Seeing is Believing

He's walked on water across the river Thames, levitated above the Shard, walked down the outside of the LA Times Building, made a car appear from light beams, predicted the Soccer World Cup outcome and taken a flight on the side of a bus.

Now, global television star and award-winning magician, Dynamo is bringing his new live tour to Auckland in July.

Dynamo, whose real name is Steven Frayne, became a superstar of TV when his multiple award-winning television series 'Magician Impossible' quickly established him as one of the world's most popular and best loved magicians. 

Over the last six years, Dynamo's ascent from unknown, working class magician hailing from the poverty-stricken Delph Hill estate on the outskirts of Bradford, to multi-award-winning global superstar, has been nothing short of miraculous.  Dynamo`s approach - the big stunts are never pre-publicised and use well known landmarks as their backdrop - has allowed him to connect with young people and re-energise the genre in a way not seen for a generation.

He's the closest thing to a real life, comic book, super hero you will ever meet on the street or see on the stage.

Dynamo has been awarded the highest accolade by the magic circle with his promotion to Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, a position only held by 300 magicians worldwide, including HRH Prince of Wales.

The tickets go on sale on 16 April.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019