Dreaming in the Anthropocene - Trish Clark Gallery

Chris Corson-Scott’s third solo exhibition, Dreaming in the Anthropocene, a rich suite of Chris Corson-Scott’s new works is an Auckland Festival of Photography keynote exhibition under the thematic: Identity.

Chris Corson-Scott’s 2016 extended exploration of New Zealand’s South Island yielded images remarkable for their unsettling juxtapositions of historic industry within the reclaiming natural world, the remnants of industrial behemoths on which the prosperity of New Zealand was formed.

Now decayed and largely forgotten, but uncovered by diligent research and multi-day hikes lugging an 8 x 10 camera, the artist calls our attention to the past reality before it disappears entirely, and reminds us of our collective dependence upon and necessary care of the natural world. 

Corson-Scott’s deep understanding of the behaviour and capture of light remains the equivalent subject to the significance of forgotten historical sites.

More pertinent than ever, the series resolutely reflects ‘New Zealand’ while speaking conceptually to a contemporary global discourse.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019