29 August - 21 September (Tuesdays-Saturdays)

Two great exhibitions will be displayed at the Bowerbank Ninow art gallery from August 29th to September 21st. All are welcome to the opening night at 6pm on Thursday 29 August with beverages by Brothers Beer, Squawking Magpie Wines and more. 

Don Driver
Hit List

In these works, Driver sifts through the detritus of popular culture, a beachcomber trawling the tides of cultural ephemera. A recurring theme is the extent to which mass-produced advertisements and other media are representative of essential human drives and desires; with very little manipulation, Driver draws the viewer’s attention to the primal forces of hunger, death and sexuality encoded in his source material. Driver shows an intense interest in how tribalism, magic and ritual simmer under the surface of the everyday and the banal; he is an archaeologist of the present, an exhumer of remnants and vestiges.

Georgie Hill
Residence Within a Prism

Georgie Hill works thoughtfully and methodically, building her works piece by piece, as if assembling the complex inner workings of a finely-tuned instrument, either musical or scientific—or both. Her work evokes communication systems, zones of force or influence, or schematic descriptions of chaotic structures. She is concerned with the dynamics that underpin human experience, perception and thought, making works that unpick the threads that make up the pattern of the phenomenal world. Hill depicts how complex, multiform realities are modelled and interpreted through rational systems, and the disconnect that can arise between map and territory in these situations.

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Last updated: 28 August 2019