25-29 February 2020, 10pm

In the pitch-black of the Deep, anything is possible.

When marine archaeologist Rebekah Poleman volunteers for a routine expedition in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, her thirst for isolation invites a nightmare scenario: Rebekah finds herself unteathered from her submarine, stranded four-thousand feet deep in the lightless Midnight Zone with only terrifying species of marine life for company.

Oh, and she's got less than an hour's oxygen left.

With a host of spectacular luminous puppets created by PAT's Chye-Ling Huang & puppetmaster Paul Lewis (Orientation, A Fine Balance), underwater creatures from friendly blobfish to orgasm-inducing clouds of bioluminescence take our hero on a dark and humorous journey that explores the difficulty to ignore your negative inner voice and be kind to yourself.

Presented by SICKO Productions and Proudly Asian Theatre, and penned by visionary filmmaker Hayden J. Weal (Chronosthesia, DEAD), Ryan Dulieu directs a host of Auckland's finest creeps in a surprising, empowering and adults-only undersea adventure.

Hold your breath; we're going Deep.

Please note: This performance is R16 and contains adult themes. 

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Last updated: 17 December 2019