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Culture Matters Symposium: What's Next?

The Art History Society's annual Culture Matters Symposium returns in 2019. 

Culture Matters: What's Next? seeks to examine the current state of the art world and GLAM sector in NZ Aotearoa.

The Symposium will feature three panels of guests from the industry, including curators, artists, librarians, art conservators, and experienced professionals from the cultural sector. We will discuss the nature of employability and how to navigate careers in the arts amidst barriers such as discrimination and funding cuts, as well as changes that we would like to see occur in the art world and GLAM sector. 

Keynote speakers will also shed a light on their jobs, examining both the challenges that they face and the impact of their work. The difference between this year’s Symposium and the last is our future oriented focus in 2019, as we look forward to investigate what is to come in the art world, and how we can meaningfully work towards a more accessible arts industry. 

Culture Matters: What's Next?  will also include a lunchtime networking session to help you create meaningful connections with other guests and speakers. Join us on August 25th for our third annual Symposium, a day full of conversation, celebration and an exploration of cultural opportunities.
Speakers will be revealed via Instagram and Facebook. 

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Last updated: 22 July 2019