Head to lower Queen Street to discover vibrant ground decals by artist Hāmiora Bailey. 

Te Ngaru \\ Te Ngotangota looks to honour the maintenance of our natural environment and our relationship to it. Considering the "fifth wall" (the floor), Te Ngaru \\ Te Ngotangota looks to understand how our urban environment can become an opportunity to better understand the idiosyncrasies of Rakahore (the atua of rock) and Hineukurangi (the atua of clay); as well as honouring their intimacy and the love they have for their children.

How can we better acknowledge the soil, the sand, the bedrock, the gravel, the concrete & the erstwhile wetlands in their generosity for enabling our place in the world today. Through our Primordial connections to rubble and dust, Te Ngaru \\ Te Ngotangota creates an introductory opportunity for city goers to remember the concrete beneath their shoes, the soil beneath their feet and the earth right under their noses. A response to the Rākau planted along Queen Street, Te Ngaru \\ Te Ngotangota is a reminder that even when we are gone, the earth will remain.

About the artist: 

Hāmiora Bailey (Ngāti Porou Ki Harataunga, Ngāti Huarere ki Whangapoua) is a Takatāpui, Tangata Ira Rere, Tane Moe Tane interdisciplinary artists & curator. Through public intervention, Bailey uses the technologies of their urban experience to further explore & investigate the multitudes of their tuakiri. Journeying closer into understanding the investitures of their Tangata Whenuatanga, Bailey's work is an honest declaration of their learning. Using pattern systems and line work to communicate the tensions, elasticity, growth and safety of their learning journey.

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Last updated: 22 April 2022