$12 - $30, booking fees may apply.
25 - 29 July, 7pm

A spark within you can illuminate the world.

Chance to Ignite is Massive Company’s newest emerging artist show. Bring seven young women together; add boxing, jujitsu, 'for real' stories, a lot of sass and you get a Chance to Ignite.

The cast, all aged from 16 - 24, have devised a powerfully strong work that will snap your soul into joy and reveal the truths we so often keep to ourselves.

Honest, raw, dynamic and inviting, Chance to Ignite explodes onto the stage this July, promising to be Massive’s most physical show to date.

Devised and performed Massive Nui Ensemble members; Akinehi Munroe, Celeste de Freido, Ebony Andrew, Eleanor Oxley, Jes’mine Palaaia, Seini Leo’o Olo and Stef Fink.

Directed by Scotty Cotter and assisted by Tuyet Nguyen

2016's emerging artists show The Island was described as the "Gold Standard" at the National Theatre of Scotland's Exchange Festival. This is a testament to the excellence of Massive Company's theatre making, and the limitless potential of young performers.


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Last updated: 11 June 2019