$135 (inclu 2 cups)
9 MAY, 2024, 11AM

Create a pair of exquisite personalized hand-pinched cups with the local potter, Richard Naylor.

In this workshop, Richard will guide you in crafting your own unique handmade cups using two traditional Japanese techniques. These techniques are characterized by their simplicity in pottery, often seen as sculptural, deliberate, and slow methods of creation. They yield stunning organic shapes, each one distinct to its creator.

You'll craft one cup using the kurinuki method, which involves carving out from a solid block of clay. For the second cup, you'll shape the clay by pinching it into a one-of-a-kind form of your choice.

You'll have the opportunity to embellish your personal cups with patterns and textures, making them truly one-of-a-kind. They'll provide you with a selection of different glazes to choose from.

After your workshop, your finished pieces will undergo two rounds of firing: bisque firing and glazing firing, all handled by your instructor. They will be ready for you in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Includes all materials, equipment, glazing of your finished pieces and 2 kiln firings.

About the Artist:

Richard Naylor, with over 20 years of experience in ceramics and training in Japan, is the creative force behind these workshops. He is also an instructor at Auckland Studio Potters and The Clay Centre. As a professional potter, he supplies a number of restaurants in Auckland and Paris. Richard works with both the wheel and hand-building techniques, creating a wide range of domesticware and sculptural ceramics, which can be found in various galleries across New Zealand.

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Last updated: 11 April 2024