16 FEB, 2024, 7:30PM

Get Ready for an unforgettable night of music as Blanco White, the maestro behind the enchanting blend of Andalusian and Latin American melodies, takes the stage once again. This is a special moment you won't want to miss!

About Blanco White:

Blanco White started as the solo project of Londoner Josh Edwards in 2014. With a musical journey that started in the heart of Spain and ventured through the enchanting landscapes of Bolivia, Edwards’ aim was to begin bringing together elements of Andalusian and Latin American music alongside influences closer to home.

From his early EPs 'The Wind Rose' and 'Colder Heavens' to the mesmerizing 'Nocturne,' Blanco White's music has evolved, captivating audiences across Europe and the United States. With each release, he has pushed the boundaries of his sound, crafting a signature style that's both hauntingly acoustic and sonically expansive.

In 2020, Blanco White made waves with his debut album 'On the Other Side,' followed by a triumphant UK headline tour in May 2022 and remarkable support slots with artists like José González and Gregory Alan Isakov. And now, he's back with his highly anticipated new album 'Tarifa,' set to be released on September 29.

What to Expect:
'Tarifa' is a sonic voyage into new dimensions. Blanco White continues to blend folk, indie, and electronic elements while embracing the magic of collaboration, exploration, and cultural exchange. Josh Edwards' music has always been a conduit for the mystical and the spiritual, and his latest work takes you on a cosmic journey through his fascination with sci-fi and space.

This concert promises to be a transcendent experience, with Blanco White's ethereal vocals and poetic lyrics casting a spell over the audience. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to his enchanting soundscapes, this is your chance to be part of something truly magical.

So don't miss out on the chance to witness Blanco White's 'Tarifa' album come to life. Tickets are limited, so be sure to grab yours before they're gone!

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Last updated: 22 September 2023