$89.90 - $99.90
21 NOV 2023

With his trademark musical stylings and characteristic wit, Bill takes us on a journey of thought, it’s history and where it’s going, and how thought might be the way humanity survives.

Because we’re sleepwalking into a world where what we can do can be done by machines, who will perform more efficiently than our error-strewn, careless, crumbs-round-the-toaster, clumsy, contradictory selves. And if that’s the case, we need to celebrate our flawed humanity… with bongos, and mandolas, and general silliness!

But are we but mindless flesh machines; moral robots?

And what is consciousness anyway?

Can music save the world? But not in a bad way?

If you want these and other thoughts Amplified With Music,


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Last updated: 10 July 2023