Make your very own bamboo tool that you can use every day! Butter knife, spatula or serving knife... what will you choose?

About the artist: 
David Duval-Smith returned to New Zealand after 27 years working as an artist and craftsman in Japan.

He was introduced to bamboo craft through the Japanese tea ceremony, where they learnt that small acts in life, in this case a cup of tea, can be filled with great reverence.

An understanding of the Japanese idea - the *soul of things* became a reality for him - in that things created with love and care will continue to radiate those good intentions into our lives.

Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing and abundant resource. David uses a Japanese running bamboo called Ma-Dake, it is a tightly grained hardwood bamboo, (although it is actually a huge grass).

One of the qualities he loves about bamboo utensils, apart from being light and strong, is that they always warm to the touch. They seem to last forever, and it is wonderful to use something in everyday life, that you have created with your hands.

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Last updated: 24 January 2024