Auckland Fringe Festival

Auckland Fringe is a feistily independent open-access arts festival which runs in Auckland for a summery two weeks kicking off in late February. Open to anyone who wants to be involved, Fringe is all about inclusivity, celebration of otherness and having a dang good time in this wonderful city of ours.

Taking place from 20 February to 4 March, Fringe is a celebration of the new, of the independent, and of the ability of the arts to build connections between us all. The programme extends from a Summer Zinefest in the city to virtuoso violin concerts, interactive jury trial performances and interactive digital dance works to boat trips up the river Whau. 

The 2018 Auckland Fringe is the first annual iteration of the festival – an organic result of the momentum created from the success of the 2017 Fringe. 

From main-stage to floating theatres, dancing with cats to dental hygiene talks (and more!) Fringe is here to showcase the best of Auckland’s incredible arts scene, as well as a bunch of international goodness. And historically 35% of the events are free or koha - so it won’t even break the bank.

Check out the full programme here.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019