The Auckland Festival of Photography will be held across Auckland with installations popping up all around galleries and public spaces. From projections, to lightboxes, and large-scale outdoor activations, the heart of the city is turning into an outdoor photography gallery. Check out the core exhibitions, projections and shows in the city centre below.

Outdoor exhibitions

Silo Park from May 31 - June 20
Auckland Festival of Photography presents a small taste of Julia Fullerton-Batten’s award winning series Looking Out From Within, that was created while London was in lockdown from Covid-19 and features people photographed in their own homes.

Queens Wharf fence April 12 - May 28
Auckland Festival of Photography presents images capturing moments of Aucklanders’ innate relationship with water in the pools, wharves and beaches around our city. The images are selected from our public projects Auckland Photo Day and the Auckland Photo Blog Archive.

Queens Wharf fence May 28 - June 20
Auckland Festival of Photography presents Lockdown - a curated selection of images by Auckland photographers, displayed as large-scale prints on Queens Wharf fence.

Indoor exhibitions


Ellen Melville June 3 - June 6
Auckland Festival of Photography presents projections of the following works:
Siberian Exiles by Claudia Heinermann
From Lockdown to Reopening by Cameron McLaren
New Zealand Nocturnes by Cody Ellingham
Empty Sound by Kevin Bleakley

Ellen Melville - Helen Clark Room from June 3 - June 11
A series of exhibitions produced in collaboration with major photography festivals in Africa and the rest of the world.

Ellen Melville - Helen Clark Room from June 12 - June 20
Presented by Auckland Festival of Photography Trust & Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards. View a projection of portraiture photography featuring the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (KLPA) 2020 winners and finalists selected by an international jury panel. 


Te Wero Island from May 28 - June 16
Auckland Festival of Photography presents Isolation by Cameron McLaren and Cody Ellingham displayed on light boxes on the Waterfront from Cameron McLaren's From Lockdown to Re-Opening series, commissioned by The Washington Post, and Cody Ellingham's New Zealand Nocturnes exploring diverse settings captured under the mysterious glow of moonlight.

Ellen Melville Centre from May 28 - June 16
Auckland Festival of Photography presents Cronostasi by Italian photographers, Gianfranco Ferraro and Chiara Panariti. This series is displayed on 8 lightboxes in the heart of the city. Cronostasi is a reflection on Milan during lockdown where life continues suspended in the everyday routine of its own living space.


Auckland Art Gallery on Friday June 4 from 11am to 3pm
The festival is pleased to bring to Auckland, for the 5th year running, our Photobook Friday event, kicking off the festival on the opening weekend. Come along to see presentations from photographers, international and local, who have published some of the best photography books over the past 12 months, while viewing a selection of these books in person. Panel includes: Diana Markosian, Eiji Ohashi, Chris Leskovsek and Sara McIntyre. 

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Last updated: 12 June 2019