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A series of art projects created in O’Connell Street by students from the University of Auckland's School of Architecture & Planning, as part of Late Night Art in the City Centre. The project will activate a village of eight sites on a closed O’Connell Street in the High Street District from 5pm until 9pm with creative and interactive structures for all ages.


Emma Butterfield – In Search of Lost Time
This performative installation piece was designed in parallel with the artist’s architectural thesis to explore and define ‘maternal space’. This project links to memories within the artist’s family around women’s crafts and textiles. It examines the way skills are passed down intergenerationally and without this would be become extinct from our increasingly machine-made generation. The installation provides a safe space for women and children allowing them to feel comfort and peace in a, sometimes, harsh society. This work is crafted from predominantly wool due to the nature of the fibre being breathable and comfortable yet providing extreme warmth – it is suitable for even the youngest inhabitants. Using raw wool, different wool craft techniques are woven into the structure. This weaving aims to be completed by the artist and the public at Late Night Art.

Katie Braatvedt – State Home
A row of 6 letterboxes taken from the site of a relocated state house project lead to a hills hoist washing line draped with archival photographs of the original site. The installation celebrates iconic suburban forms that are ubiquitous in Auckland, creating a monument to the relocated suburb. It also questions the role of these iconic forms in the contemporary era, in which the nuclear family is no longer the assumed occupant of the Kiwi house and the quarter acre section is no longer the plot on which it sits. Photographs by Adam Bryce.

Lorna Luo – Dreamspace
Dreamspace is a temporal microcosm that will appear in the city centre for one night only during Artweek as a part of Urban Art Village. The installation is a construction of 32 umbrellas which forms the prothesis organ for dreaming in response to the maker's dream of rain. A series of animated images of the dream will be projected onto the structure to create a new synthetic experience of a natural phenomenon. The project aims to highlight the nature of everyday life where dreams, emotions and memories are often projected onto aspects of our everyday environment. Such as an umbrella arises from the maker's fear of rain.

Matt Liggins – The skyscraper I could never build / EGO
The skyscraper I could never build / EGO is a Scale Meccano model which is a critique of architects’ ever-growing ego as their career develops and also an homage to a friend, Robbie Knight.

Gabi Maffey – READ THE ROOM
Last year, library space was ‘proposed’ closed ->  the concerning unconsulted. What followed: community = scattered = uncertain. IT'S ALL SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS. We all left to hurry on with ... we don't have time to... READ THE ROOM. ONE BOOK CANNOT FILL A SHELF. Wwanna hear an old joke? I KNOW MY PEOPLE LIKE I KNOW MY LIBRARY CATALOGUE. COVERED, UNREAD AND OVERDUE. Artweek will build a library to shelf some borrowed artists on loan. Come help us build for an open book.

Matt Liggins – The real pyramid schemer
The real pyramid schemer is an interactive artwork where the public can have a conversation to a stranger inside the pyramid who will give them a thought bubble drawing to remind them what makes them happy in life. For more click here. 

Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 31 July 2019