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Engage with a series of artistic projects created by students from the University of Auckland's School of Architecture & Planning, created and built as part of their course work, and installed as an annual event and a key part of Late-Night Art in the City Centre.

The event will activate a village of structures on a closed O’Connell Street in the High Street District from 12pm until 9pm with creative and interactive structures for all ages.


Rosemary Li – The Wish Tree
Philip Lee & Jack Wu – The Box
Matt Liggins - I
t’s in the box
Finn Forstner – The Architect Comes to Town
Angus Carson –
Return to Earth/Grow Your Own Building

Rosemary Li – The Wish Tree
China, as one of the major countries initially experiencing the current global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) plays a significant role in this global event. The traditional Chinese Joinery system used for the installation links with the current situation as a reflection of the first case in Wuhan. Translated into an architectural language; the interlocking brackets represent individuals coming together, symbolizing strength and unity as they become stronger after being connected as a whole. In commemoration of this historic event, the installation provides a platform where different voices can be heard. Visitors walk through the void to hang up their customized red ribbons and will eventually see New Zealand’s nationwide cases curve emerge over time. This interactive element allows visitors to get involved in an immersive manner and hopes to reactivate the community as the crisis settles back to normality again.

Philip Lee and Jack Wu – THE BOX
The box is a reflection of the public voice - an art space that brings the public together to express their thoughts, emotions and senses. Through expressing, reflecting and ruminating, the box can help the public to experience a moment of energy, passion and engagement. Especially under the challenging circumstances amid the global pandemic and the recent black rights matter, the transparent and minimal canvas of the box provides an uninterrupted space for the public to draw out their experiences. The box will have four main glass panel walls that are open for the public to draw, write and paint, allowing the public to celebrate their expression through performances and on-canvas-art. After the installation, the box is dismantled and reconstructed into an exhibition art, where traces of fun, heavy and diverse interaction is visible on the canvas. The box is displayed once again, echoing the voices of the public.

Finn Forstner – The Architect Comes to Town
Take some time to take part in the design for a new waterfront project! A wealthy New Zealand benefactor has proposed the idea for a new visitor centre on the Auckland waterfront designed to showcase the beauty of our smaller townships as part New Zealand’s Campaign towards local tourism. To design this construction there have been calls to include New Zealanders in the architectural process. This installation is designed as a critique of the architectural profession’s attitude towards participatory design. It brings the playful and childish excitement of the carnival game to attract those passing by to interact with the architect via three holes in the facade. The process is refined to an input system of questions and answers of which will be fed into the architectural machine to conglomerate all the ideas into a final design to be revealed at the events conclusion.

Angus Carson – Grow Your Own Building
Fungi has been around for millions of years. Through this time they have become extremely intelligent and have mastered the process of evolution. With our current destructive practices of consumption, construction, and commercialisation, It is time to harness mushrooms intelligence, for a cleaner - brighter - and more fungtastic future. 

Matt Liggins – It’s in the Box
It's in the Bag was a long-running New Zealand radio and, later, television game show, screened on TVNZ. 28 years on from its final season in 1992, at Late Night Art in 2020, Matt Liggins becomes the new host of It’s in the Box Auckland! Toogood's catch phrases from this show included "by hokey!", "what should she do, New Zealand?" and "the money or the bag?". Matt has used all his Artweek money to buy op shop gifts for the public which sit inside numbered boxes representing people’s age. Get a couple of easy New Zealand general knowledge questions correct and there is a present waiting for you in the box!

Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 31 July 2019