In its fourth year, StreetArtDego returns to Khartoum Place and Te Hā o Hine Place, bringing together multimedia artists and Auckland's best street food vendors for a collaborative, interactive micro festival of art and food. This year, a team of artists and chefs will each respond to the theme 'Climate Changed,' interpreting the concept of a post-climate change world in culinary and creative terms. The multi-sensory exhibition will explore light, sound and taste.

Food vendors:

  • Wise Boys – What the Fush (Beer Battered ‘Fish’ Burger – vegan $14)

Wise Boys exists because the climate is changing – has already changed – and our consumption decisions must reflect this. Wise Boys offers the most delicious plant-based burgers, allowing people to make a truly sustainable choice without compromising on satisfaction.

  • Pūhā & Pākehā – (Piko Piko & Edamame Bites $8)

Being a Māori business, one of our values is Kaitiakitanga which is guardianship and protection for the sea, sky and land. In the Māori worldview, people are closely connected to the land and nature. ‘Climate Changed’ means we are mindful of our relationship to the natural world and how we utilize this resource to nurture ourselves through kai.

  • La Le Le Organics – Brown Earth (Chocolate & slated caramel cocolato-vegan scoop, $5-13)

Climate change for us means our young children will live in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable climate. It means changing our diet to exclude animal products and palm oil. Our household has gone plant-based, no animal products. It means as a business we must talk about ways to adapt to changing customer needs and expectations. It means some ingredients will become unavailable or unaffordable. We talked about ideas for our dish with our children. They suggested we make a vegan flavour named ‘brown planet’ after they watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, ‘After The Flood’. There is a graphic in the film where it shows parts of the planet turning brown due to drought.

  • The Pie Piper – (Sweet Pie)

Often when we hear the words ‘Climate Change’ we can be overwhelmed by the scope of the problem and what sometimes seems like the lack of solutions. Here at The Pie Piper we take the approach that every day we can make small adjustments in our everyday lives and within our communities, which combined, lead to a large change. New Zealand is a beautifully small, charismatic country which gives us a unique advantage to work together like nowhere else in the world. Taking the approach of that small changes can make big differences, our dessert creations are based around buying locally, supporting the community around us, repurposing the ingredients and minimizing food waste. Our motto is ‘Pie and Happiness’ and this extends to focusing on the positive ways together we can work towards turning the tables on climate change.

  • The Rolling Pin – Summer Snow (Dumplings with Asian slaw, Sichuan snow dust, noodle tornado $13)

The impact of climate change can no longer be ignored. The seasons, weather and climate that we are used to and have taken for granted are changing. We have captured a small fragment of this change in a visual format using several elements in the dish. The dumplings are under a bed of colourful slaw that represents spring and summer (life) but this is covered by snow dust (an irregularity arising from the changing climate). To further emphasise the impact and danger of climate change, noodles are wrapped around the chopsticks like a tornado storm. Tornados are rising at dangerous numbers, causing havoc and shredding through what it passes through. 


  • La Lumiere – light installation

The viewer is intended to look to the heavens through an ethereal canopy of lights, seamlessly floating above the waterfall of the Suffragette fountain. On the horizon, in the distance a loan tree is illuminated in the darkness. The intention is for the viewer to look up, away from the day to day activities we are all consumed by and question the importance of our natural environment.

  • Seung Yul Oh – Seeds of order (2015) In the memorial fountain

Precariously upside down and right way up, it is to recognise that chaos is responsible for maintaining order.

  • Drums of the Pacific – acoustic Pacific drum performance and dance

Authentic Pacific performances by professional dancers and drummers, reflecting the importance of global climates.

Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 31 July 2019