10 - 18 October, 2020

Melanie Arnold, Belinda Griffiths, Diane Scott explore the idea of ‘material as metaphor’ by responding to the unique Silo 6 space. Although these artists work with varied materials their considered approach to materiality is the same.

“...material is a means of communication.
That listening to it, not dominating it makes us truly active, that is: to be active, be passive.
The finer tuned we are to it, the closer we come to art.”

- Annie Albers

Late Night event: 
Head down to Silo 6 on Late Night Art, 13 October 5–9pm, for a guest appearance of the Lower Bar Collective, an initiative formed in 2012, who specialise in soundscapes combined with projected imagery. The collective use traditional modern instruments – electric guitars, bass, and synth, to create atmospheres heavily soaked with effects. Combined with the natural reverberation of the silos, the LBS’s atmospheric and visual creations promise to create a unique and memorable experience.

Exhibition: 10-18 October Opening Sat 10 Oct, 5pm.
Hours: Daily 11am–3pm
Late Night Art event: Tuesday 13 Oct, 5pm–7pm
Artist talk: Saturday 17 Oct, 2.30pm

Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 23 August 2020